How come I had not heard of Jodi365 before?

Jodi365 has long, consciously been a niche matchmaking platform for quality singles. We have been growing responsibly since 2011 and are now scaling rapidly.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 years ago

Believe it or not, Jodi365 was founded in early 2009.  (You can read our founding story in the Press room, which also lists our press mentions over the years.)  The platform has been fully operational, as a website first, since mid-2011.

We have long, consciously been a niche matchmaking platform for quality singles, rather than aim to be everything for everybody – and risk pleasing nobody!

Evidence of our doing something right is in our early user testimonials, dating to 2010:

I heard about Jodi365 through a friend. She suggested I sign up for sure! Newer ideas and a different approach makes this website interesting.
– Chandana, December 2010

I believe you can relate to my needs better than the 'one shoe fits all' attitude of other sites.
– Manaaz, December 2010

I've had my fill of orthodox Indian matrimonial sites... I am looking for an 'educated' matrimonial site that caters to the modern generation looking for a match.
– Shivangi, January 2011

It's a lot different from the run of the mill. I think the site would appeal to any well-educated bride/groom.
– Vimal, October 2011

We truly love helping people to find the right match.  It's not just business for us; it's also about good karma.

After bootstrapping the business for 9+ years, we raised a small round of funding from outside investors and began scaling up.  Still, we have been doing so responsibly, with an eye on sustainable growth (rather than follow a reckless "Go BIG or go home!" model of many a venture-backed startup) and also while ensuring our service and quality control does not suffer as we grow.

It is why we haven't plastered Jodi365's banners all across town, at a hoarding near you, or been in your face while you've been browsing the web.  Sure, crucify us for not being a pain in the ass.

But since you've heard of us now, why don't you sign up instead?  (It's what thousands are doing every week.)  What do you have to lose besides, at most, 20 minutes of your time?  On the plus side, those 20 minutes could well change your life!

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