Matchmaking sites and apps are full of fake profiles and fraudsters. How can I be sure I won't run into them on Jodi365?

Our detailed profile questionnaire weeds out riff raff and, besides automated checks, we manually screen each profile, to ensure only genuine users on Jodi365.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 years ago

Fair question.

On matchmaking sites and apps, especially, it is tempting for many a fraudster to prey on the lonely and the emotionally vulnerable; to pretend to be everything that someone may be looking for; to get the person emotionally invested in a relationship, even if over long distance; and then to scam the individual for money.  It happens to both women and men!  And if it weren't unfortunate, it would be comical for how predictable the playbook is.  Almost as predictable and lame as those Nigerian Prince scams.

It doesn't help, either, that most matrimonial/dating platforms (aim to) operate at such a large scale that it becomes difficult to police mischief, more so when their business models emphasize quantity over quality.

You can worry less on Jodi365, though!

Here's why:

What does Jodi365 do to ensure users' safety and security?

How can one be sure that profiles on Jodi365 are genuine?

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