Will my profile data be sold to or shared with third parties?

Unlike a Facebook or Google or some other matchmaking sites, our business model does not involve selling user profile data. You own your data. We respect that.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 years ago


Unlike a Facebook or Google or a number of other matchmaking sites, our business model doesn't involve making money off user profile data.

Our mantra: You own your data; we respect that!

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Full disclosure: Like any smart business, we heed the saying, "You cannot improve what you don't measure."  Like any smart online business, therefore, we do employ a variety of third-party web and app analytics tools to track and measure user behavior.

For such tools to function, we must necessarily integrate them into our platform.  So, the analytics service providers have varying levels of access to our user data, in the aggregate and the specific.  These include Google Analytics, Clicky, Amplitude, Facebook Events Manager, LiveSession, and HelpCrunch.

It isn't lost on us that the list include two tech giants who have been rapped on their knuckles by regulatory authorities in the past for overreach in their handling of user data.

That said, we share only limited user/device data, to the extent necessary to extract useful insights about user behavior on our platform.  The tools also help to monitor and guard against potential abuse of our system.  Information on how they handle analytics data is available in their respective privacy policies, just as ours is laid out in detail in our Privacy Policy page.

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