What has been the impact of Covid-19 on Jodi365's business?

In times of distress or social distancing, people are more inclined to seek out support, validation, and companionship, more so online. We are glad we can help.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 years ago

It has been sobering to see how many businesses and entire industries have either been ground to a halt or slowed considerably by Covid-19.  Jodi365's business, on the other hand, has been busier than ever, understandably.

In times of distress or the kind of enforced social distancing we have been facing, it is only natural for people to be more inclined to seek out support, validation, and companionship.  And if the options to socialize offline are drastically curtailed, where else can one go but online?

Indeed, just as sectors such as education and business are seeing millions more go online and adapt to virtual solutions, we are going to see many more people choose and get comfortable with online platforms to find a potential partner.

The recent surge, though, is still only a first-order effect of the pandemic.  It is harder to predict the extent to which even the recession-resistant matchmaking industry would be affected by a prolonged slowdown of the economy.

While matchmaking may be a recession-resistant business, it is not recession-proof.  That is why, considering the pandemic's impact on people's cash flows, we preemptively discounted our membership plans, for value-added services and benefits, by up to 70%, with a "Stay home.  Stay safe.  Special WFH pricing."

While we remain bullish about our growth, we need to be measured in our expectations.  After all, we are dealing with an unprecedented situation of a lifetime and no one can claim to have answers to how things will pan out and over what time frames.

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