How does Jodi365 work?

Create a free account. Verify your mobile number. Complete the profile questionnaire. Once it is screened, browse matches and make use of value-added services.
Written by Anil
Updated 1 year ago

The process of using Jodi365 to find and connect with the right match requires that one first create a user account and, at a minimum, verify their mobile phone number.

Then, one has to complete our detailed profile questionnaire, describing not only themselves but also their partner preferences.

Profile privacy settings give the user the option to hide one's pictures and some sensitive profile details (including income) until they feel comfortable revealing them to matches.

Once a new user's profile is manually screened and approved, the user may browse recommended, mutually-suitable matches.

For new users who opt to receive personalized matchmaking assistance, we provide handholding from the start, through our team of relationship managers. The assistance includes screening suitable matches and reviewing handpicked matches every week, connecting with select matches on one's behalf, and making personal introductions as appropriate.

For more information about our personalized services, see: Assisted Connect and Personal Touch (you must be logged out of Jodi365 to view the pages).

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