How is Jodi365 different from the competition, really?

See and the About Us page, which detail how Jodi365 is different from competing sites and apps and also describe our personalized matchmaking services.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 years ago

There is no shortage of competition in the matchmaking business.  Matchmakers have been in existence for probably as long as humans have sought to enter into relationships.  Our competition also includes traditional, matrimonial sites for the marriage-minded; the so-called "marriage bureaus"; and newer, casual-dating apps.

Fundamentally, Jodi365 is not a typical matrimonial site.  It is not a frivolous dating app, either.  Rather, it is a thoughtful hybrid that helps quality singles find the right match, at a pace that's right for them.

Jodi365 is primarily a self-service online platform; yet, we also provide personalized matchmaking assistance to those who value the expertise and guidance on offer from our team of relationship managers.

See the Jodi365 home page and About Us page (you must be logged out of Jodi365 to view the pages), which expand on how we are different in that we believe:

  • Quality matters
  • People marry when they are ready
  • People are not 2-minute noodles™
  • In matching people, not "bio data"™
  • Private information should stay private
  • You own your data. We respect that.
  • Finding a match is just the beginning

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