I am not quite ready for marriage, but do want to meet a potential someone. Can I still sign up?

Jodi365 helps quality singles find the right match at their own pace, even if they are not ready for marriage and want to get to know someone as friends first.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 years ago

Of course!

Jodi365 helps quality singles to find the right match, whether they are ready for marriage or want to get to know someone as friends first.  One of our mantras: Find the right match, at your own pace.

On a practical level, here's what you can expect once you create a Jodi365 user account and go about filling out the profile questionnaire:

One of the first questions asked is:

What are you seeking/ready for?

The options:

  • Marriage (soon after finding the right match)
  • Courtship (ready for an engagement)
  • Friends first (without any pressure!)

A follow-up question:

What is your time frame for marriage?  (After all, Jodi365 is not a casual-dating app.)

The options:

  • Within 6 months
  • Within 1 year
  • Within 2 years
  • Within 3 years
  • In 3+ years

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