What is Jodi365? Is it a matrimonial site or a dating app?

Jodi365 is a sensible hybrid of matrimony sites and dating apps. It helps genuine singles in today's world find the right match at a pace that's right for them.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 years ago

Jodi365.com is a matchmaking platform for quality singles, whether they are ready for marriage or want to get to know someone as friends first.  It is not a typical matrimonial site.  It is not a frivolous dating app, either.  Rather, it is a thoughtful hybrid that helps quality singles find the right match, at a pace that's right for them.

Founded in 2009, Jodi365 is primarily a self-service online platform (web & mobile apps); yet, it also provides personalized matchmaking assistance to discerning clients – see Assisted Connect and Personal Touch (you must be logged out of Jodi365.com to view the pages).

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