Why can't one browse profiles on Jodi365 before joining?

We don't dangle user photos or profiles before random visitors, as bait. We don't expose them to web search engines, either. People appreciate Jodi365 for this.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 months ago

Sorry, we are not a shopping catalogue!

Most other sites let random visitors view your name and/or photos, as bait for new users.  We don’t.

Even leading matrimonial sites and dating apps dangle profiles of attractive users to a voyeuristic public, to reel more new users in.  However, we take our users' security and privacy seriously and choose not to expose their profiles that way. 

We don’t expose unsuspecting users’ profiles to web search engines, either.

Your profile would be displayed by default only to registered users:

  1. Who have verified phone numbers, and
  2. Whose own profiles have passed our manual screening process, and
  3. Who pass your match filters, and
  4. Whose match filters you pass.

We believe that private information should stay private, and offer additional, unmatched privacy safeguards for your name, photos, contact info, and sensitive profile details.

Genuine people appreciate our thoughtful approach and commitment to user privacy and data security.  It's also why we have been earning people's trust and also the goodwill that we have since 2011.

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