What happens to my user data once I am no longer on Jodi365?

When user profiles are deleted, they are flushed permanently. Jodi365 does not retain personal user data or contact info. You own your data. We respect that.
Written by Anil
Updated 2 years ago

Here's what happens once you notify us that you want to deactivate your account and delete your Jodi365 profile:

1. We will delete your profile and account promptly, permanently.

Your profile will no longer be in our system, let alone be visible to any potential matches.

2. You will also not receive any further notifications from Jodi365.

Not by email.  Not by SMS.  No in-app notifications, either.  After all, even as users say goodbye, we'd like them to have kind things to say about Jodi365.

3. We won't retain any of your personal information, either.

Note: To guard against server failure, we take regular backups of our user database.  Deleted user profiles would also remain in the backup servers, of course, but only for the duration of the backup.  Rest assured that the database backups are flushed (overwritten) regularly, automatically.

To reiterate:

You own your data.  We respect that.

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